• 6272 E Pacific Coast Highway, D, Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 252-9796
  • Lauren Dummit, LMFT

    While sometimes people have been skeptical about Christy Cosper’s therapeutic skills due to her fun-loving and hilarious personality, they quickly realize that she is just a truly  authentic human and amazing person, who brings these qualities into her work as a clinician and business owner. In collaborating with Christy on shared cases, I have been quite impressed with her intelligence, intuition, and passion for her work. The insight she has shared has always been spot on and thought-provoking.The clients that I have referred to Christy report back that she has helped them immeasurably, which largely comes from the fact that she deeply cares about the well-being of her patients. She creates a relaxed, non-judgmental, and safe environment while also challenging clients to face their issues head on. Despite the upheaval in their lives, these clients report that she has been able to help them maintain a sense of calm, focus, and positivity while increasing their self-awareness. – Lauren Dummit