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  • Dr. Joey Pham, PhD, LMFT, CSAT




    At time, life provides us with the opportunities that enable us to grow and accomplish. However, at times it also presents itself in the form of a challenge. These life events can take a toll on our mental health and leave us feeling hopeless, unmotivated, lost, and stuck. I am passionate and confident in my ability to make a difference in the life of my clients. Having been through many tough patches myself, I understand well the importance of regaining one’s own sense of purpose, strength, and dignity. I have experiences working with both children and adults using individual and family therapy modalities.

    I have dealt with a wide range of concerns including child abuse, family discord, identity crisis, suicidal ideation, trauma and chronic illnesses such as Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, and other Psychotic Disorders. My person-centered and humanistic perspective allowed me to see each individual as unique and capable.

    I see my clients as partners who work together through a positive and strength-based approach. My intervention modalities include: cognitive behavioral, trauma-focused, EMDR, family systems, interpersonal, solution-focused, and emotion-focused.