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  • Sex/Love/Porn Addiction Therapy

    Sex/Love/Porn Addiction Therapy

    Sex/Love/Porn Addiction Therapy

    Sex and pornography addictions are complicated process addictions and come in different forms. For instance, you might have an addiction to masturbation, pornography, anonymous sex with strangers or compulsively seek out romantic love affairs. Sex addiction  does not mean hypersexuality. In fact, sex addiction is not about sex at all. It’s not the same as having a hyperactive sex drive. Whatever the behavior, the core issue the sex addict is plauged by is the desperate attempt to meet an emotional need and avoid a painful reality. Through treatment, you learn how to work on your sex addiction by learning how to identify the feelings you are trying to escape from and learn what it means to be in a healthy relationship with yourself and others. 

    What is Sex Addiction: There are a combination of reasons that people develop a sex addiction. The crux of the problem is that those affected have obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive urges and behaviors they can’t control. Those behaviors typically leave feelings of extreme guilt and pain. The high is not worth the comedown. Those behaviours typically involve negative consequences leaving the sex addict feeling a huge void that is only falsely remedied by the acting out cycle.

    How can sex addiction treatment help: If you have a sex addiction, you may be aware that it’s having a negative effect on your life. You might have a financial crisis, legal issues, safety concerns, or what brings most people to treatment, relational distress. You might be mandated by the courts or therapy is demanded from your spouse and you do not yet recognize the harm that the sex addiction is causing and how it is robbing you of your life.  

    With treatment, you can work with trained professionals and  start to understand the roots of sexual addiction. You will learn tools and strategies to tackle this problem and begin living in a more authentic way. Living with honesty and passion will allow you to get a hold of what you lost and allow a better quality of life. 

    Treatment of sexual addiction takes time. It usually involves a treatment team that is curated to your own personality. The level of care and support activities will be determined by your primary therapist. We do not believe that recovery is a one size fits all. Treatment will be tailored to your individual needs, challenges and circumstances. It may or may not also include partners and family members. relationships and porn

    Treatment services that are offered are:

    During treatment, you will also learn new tools and techniques for coping with stress and other emotions. You will learn to create a new value system. You will work on healthy and satisfying sexual relationships. 

    Sex addiction can be distressing and exhusting for all parties invovled. Remember, most addictions are coping mechanisms people use to try to escape discomfort, pain, or trauma. Your therapist will not only help you on your road to recovery and healing, but they will help you get to the root of the underlying issues that started this problem. Our therapists offer evidence-based and cutting-edge treatment to help you achieve the change you want to make in your life.