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  • Recovery Coaching

    Sano Counseling Center offers culturally competent, sensitive therapists to help you through life’s troubles. Be at ease knowing your therapist is knowledgeable of social justice and diversity issues. Sano Counseling Center proudly offers treatment to individuals from all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations.

    At Sano Counseling Center, we currently offer a wide range of services, including psychoeducation, online therapy, counseling, addiction therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, EMDR, intensive outpatient programs, and recovery coaching.

    What is Recovery Coaching?

    Starting the recovery process can be very difficult. Staying on track may be just as challenging. Recovery Coaching uses a strength-based model and offers support for recovering from drug, alcohol, or process addictions.

    A recovery coach is intended to help you stay headed in the right direction between your therapy sessions. Coaching may also serve as your primary form of treatment instead of traditional psychotherapy.

    Coaching is different from therapy. A therapist will diagnose your addictive behavior and prescribe treatment. In contrast, a coach will collaborate on goals and offer tools and guidance to help you meet the objectives you set up for yourself.

    A recovery coach works on more specific behavioral goals and focuses on short-term objectives to improve your quality of life. Your coach supports positive changes and helps to avoid relapse. Coaching is action-oriented, and the emphasis is on the here-and-now and future planning. Little coaching has to do with past events or trauma.

    Benefits of Recovery Coaching

    There are several different benefits of choosing recovery coaching with Sano Counseling Center, which includes:

    Smooth Transitions

    If you are transitioning from a traditional residential treatment facility into recovery, the process can come as a shock to some. Transitioning from an incredibly structured environment to one you are entirely in control of is a significant change in your lifestyle. Recovery coaching can help with this transition by connecting you to valuable resources.

    Prevent Relapses

    Our recovery coaches help you identify behaviors that might lead to relapse to work with you to overcome them for the future. At Sano Counseling Center, our professional team has been trained to recognize these behaviors before they occur and intervene when necessary.

    Create Accountability

    Recovery coaches work with you directly to help you to not only set but also achieve attainable goals. In turn, your coach will teach you how to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your short and long-term goals in life.

    Alleviate Pressure

    Often, friends or family close to you might feel solely responsible for looking after you through your recovery process. Having a recovery coach who is not one of these individuals can alleviate some of that pressure. That way, with your recovery coach, you can focus on mending any strains that have been put on these relationships over time.

    Our Intensive Outpatient Programs

    While there is no federal licensing for coaches, all of the Sano Counseling Center coaches are trained and board-certified and licensed therapists through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. While role modeling healthy behaviors, your coach is an active participant in your life. Coaching is offered over the phone, via video conference, and through face-to-face meetings.

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    Healing is not a linear journey. Sometimes it can feel like a labyrinth that never ends. At Sano, we are here to walk the healing path with you, navigating all that life throws at us as a friend who cares. We will meet you where you are with acceptance, not judgment, and see you through until your time in therapy comes to an end.

    If you are seeking recovery coaching, Sano Counseling Center may be able to help. Please, reach out and schedule a consultation today! Call, email, or go online to contact us today to see how we can help you embark on a journey towards self-discovery and growth.