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  • Testing

    psychological testingAfter completing an initial assessment, your therapist may recommend additional psychological testing to help determine the best course of treatment(s). Here at Sano, our qualified clinicians interpret results from the following tests and then recommend a customized treatment plan based on your needs. Psychological tests are purchased through Sano and completed online. Each test is $100. All test results are stored in an encrypted database and your personal identification information is not collected. Tests results are never stored in your medical records or released to any third party without your written consent. The following are commonly used tests at Sano Counseling Center:

    • PTSI-R (Post-Traumatic Stress Inventory Revised)
    • SDI-4.0 (Sexual Dependency Inventory 4.0)
    • MWSAI (Money and Work Stress Addiction Index)

    For a free addiction test, visit www.new.recoveryzone.com

    For access to tests assigned by your Sano therapist, visit www.new.recoveryzone.com/Client/Login


    Other materials that your therapist may recommend during the course of treatment include books, worksheets, and spiritual implements such as sage or palo santo. Barring books, all therapeutic materials will be provided at no cost to you. The following books are often recommended and used in session with your Sano therapist:

    • facing heartbreak