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  • Facing the Shadow: An Intensive for Sex Addicts

    What is this workshop?

    Facing the Shadow is an intimate workshop that will transform your life by jumpstarting your sexual addiction recovery. This workshop is a private five day retreat style workshop hosted in a private area of Irvine, CA. Each participant will be given all materials and workbooks necessary to complete the course. This workshop is limited to 8 people. 

    Who will facilitate the workshop?

    Dr. Joey Pham, a Clinical Psychotherapist and certified sex-addiction therapist, and another certified co-therapist from Sano Counseling Center will facilitate all six days of the workshop. The six days will include  psycho-education, the presentation of science-based information, videos and role plays, experiential exercises and time for group process. 

    The Workshop Program  

    A gentle start will begin our time together where everyone can casually start to get to know one another.   We will be seated together in a comfortable living area. There’s a couch, chairs, yoga mats and blankets if you prefer to sit on the floor. Please dress comfortably. When it comes time to do exercises, you may want to move around and both additional indoor and outdoor areas will be available to you.  

    Once everyone arrives, a morning grounding meditation will start the journey. When the time comes to process the exercises or your learning, you will not be pressured to disclose anything publicly. However, most participants find it helpful and healing to share a little bit about what is coming up for them. Because of the small size of the group, there will be time for one-on-one support. 

    *Note: Once registration is complete, Dr. Joey Pham will be in contact to ask a few questions prior to the workshop to gather a little more information. The call will take 5-10 minutes.

    What You’ll Learn

    At the workshop, individuals  learn how to:

    • Stop destructive patterns 
    • Understand and break through obstacles blocking recovery 
    • Learn how to implement tools to help jumpstart your recovery
    • Build a treatment plan that can last past the workshop
    • Build a support network 
    • Face your shadow

    Workshop Topics 

    • Understanding the addictive system and what is first order change vs second order change. 
    • Discovering your personal shadow through an inventory list. 
    • Learn the importance of mindfulness and how to implement mindfulness techniques in your daily life.  
    • Use the trauma egg to help move you from a first order change to a second order change. 
    • Discussing your sobriety challenges and learning what are recovery essentials by creating your personal craziness index. 
    • Create a sexual health matrix. Learn about the effects of physiological flooding and how it may affect conflict resolution.
    • Develop your mirror of desire and understand your personal arousal template.
    • Discover how you can make your own relapse prevention plan by learning how to have a fire drill plan and following your abstinence and boundaries  list. 

    Intensive therapy: Intensive therapy sessions or therapeutic aftercare is available before and/or after the workshop. Please contact Sano Center at 562-252-9796 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


    LOCATION: Private location in Irvine, California. Address and directions will be sent to confirmed attendees.

    SCHEDULE: 9am – 5pm, Wed-Sun *90 minute lunch breaks each day

    COST$2500 per person, pay now. $2700 per person, pay later. **$500 non-refundable deposit may be accepted to hold a spot for those who are unable to pay up front. Payment plans available with $500 non-refundable deposit. Please contact Bailey (562) 252-9796 x 700 to discuss payment plan options and complete alternate registration form. Registration includes: five days of therapeutic support to jump start your sexual addiction recovery, all workshop materials, continental breakfast, catered lunch, professional referrals for aftercare treatment. 

    Cancellation policy: If cancellation is made three weeks, or 21 days, before workshop date, a full refund minus a $50 processing fee will be given. After the cut-off date, your registration will be converted to a credit, good for a full year, that you can use to attend future workshops.