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  • Brainspotting: A Revolutionary Approach to Trauma Therapy

    In the realm of trauma therapy, brain-spotting has emerged as a revolutionary approach. It is a method that allows the brain to pause, breathe, and establish connections that have been dormant due to trauma. 

    This blog post will explore the intricacies of brain-spotting and how it can help individuals heal from their past.

    Understanding Brainspotting

    Brainspotting is a therapeutic method that helps individuals process and release emotional and physical pain associated with trauma. When a person experiences trauma, the brain often falls into repetitive thought patterns, reliving the traumatic event. Brainspotting allows the brain to pause these patterns and establish new connections, fostering healing and integration.

    The Brainspotting Process

    During a brain spotting session, the client brings a traumatic memory or significant life event and assigns it a level of activation. This process is then associated with a location or sensation in the body, emphasizing the body’s inherent wisdom. 

    When a brain spot is found, it often triggers a physical response, such as eye wobbling or deep breathing. This spot correlates to a part of the brain that holds all the information around the particular event or emotion.

    The Role of the Therapist in Brainspotting

    In brainspotting, the therapist’s role is to “follow at the tail of the comet.” The client is invited into an imaginary space where they are fully in control. The therapist provides a safe and empathetic environment for the client to explore parts of themselves that have been disowned due to trauma. The healing process is often facilitated by simply acknowledging these disowned parts.

    Sano Counseling Now Offers Brainspotting

    Brainspotting is a revolutionary approach to trauma therapy that taps into the brain’s natural ability to heal. By allowing the brain to pause, breathe, and establish new connections, brainspotting offers a path to healing and integration. 

    At Sano Counseling, we are dedicated to providing a safe and empathetic environment for our clients to explore and heal from their past.

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