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    At Sano Counseling Center, we provide a safe, non-judgmental space to start healing your emotional and relationship issues. With decades of combined experience, our therapists can offer you a helping hand on the road to self-knowledge, empowerment, and healing in your important relationships.

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    Formerly known as Sano Center for Recovery, an addiction-focused treatment center with seven years of service to the Southern California community, Sano Counseling Center has re-opened with a goal to serve a broad range of clients. Now, in addition to specializing in recovery from sex and love addiction, we help people struggling with other mental health disorders, too. Whatever it is that you bring to therapy, our interdisciplinary approach is inclusive and customized to suit your unique needs. Many of us have had personal experiences with addiction, trauma, and dysfunctional relationships and understand what it takes to bring balance to life. We bring Eastern contemplative practice, like mindfulness meditation, to Western science and integrate them into holistic treatment plans.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The simple answer is unfortunately, no. Sano does not bill insurance directly on the client’s behalf; however, you may request a superbill to submit a claim to your insurance for reimbursement. Often, PPOs will reimburse up to 60% for out-of-network providers like Sano if you have met your deductible.
    We strive to help everyone we can, and will work with you to find a solution that suits all parties. All of our therapists offer a sliding-scale fee. If the fees are still not affordable, we will gladly refer you to a therapist or center who offers low-cost therapeutic services.
    Yes, children and adolescents are welcome at Sano. While our specialties are largely focused on adult-issues and pathology, many of our therapists are experienced in working with children and families. We also offer a group for adolescents ages 12-14. See our Group Therapy page for more details. A parent/guardian must sign a consent-to-treat-minor form to begin therapy for anyone under 18.
    While we can’t promise to “cure” your partner of their addiction, or even help them to see that their behavior is harmful to you, we absolutely will support you as you navigate your relationships and life decisions. We offer individual therapy, as well as a group specifically for partners and survivors. See more on our Group Therapy page.
    We specialize in treating addiction-related disorders. While we cannot promise to “cure” you, we will be here to help you transform your life. After careful assessment and testing, your therapist will propose an appropriate level of treatment based on your needs. Treatment recommendations range from once per week Individual Therapy to Intensive Outpatient Programming.